Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marion County Commissioners Put "D" in Decatur

Democrat Patty Rigsby was appointed late last month by the Marion County Commissioners and was sworn in to fill a vacancy on the Decatur Township Advisory Board left by the death of Republican Bob Frye.  How does that work out?

It's a bit complicated.

Republicans in Decatur Township missed the deadline to replace Frye, and it appears they had little or no intention on filling the vacancy until after word was circulated that Democrats were trying to fill the seat.

There's still some legal wrangling left, but it appears that the Democrats have stepped up to represent citizens in Decatur Township when Republicans left them behind.

In the midst of all of this, there's one thing on which everyone can agree.  The late Bob Frye was a good and decent man who dedicated his life to public service.  He was a proud Army veteran and worked the same job for 42 years, according to his obituary.  Besides this, he was very active in Decatur Township serving on various community and civic groups. His loss was and is still felt across this community.

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