Monday, August 26, 2013

Libertarians Oddly Preempt Mahern Party Switch That Has Not Happened

Brian Mahern has yet to announce when or if he will leave the Democratic Party, but the Libertarian Party wants him to know that he just won't fit advance...just in case.

In one of the most odd Facebook posts I've seen by a political party in a while, the Libertarian Party of Marion County praised Brian Mahern (or Mayhern as they spell it) for standing on principle but then followed it with a backhand slap in the face.

Read below...
The Libertarian Party of Marion County respects Brian Mayhern's service to the community as a member of the City-County Council. We also share his disappointment with many of the paths that the current council and its leadership have chosen to follow. 
We find it important to note, though, that our shared disappointment with the Council should not be considered an endorsement of Councilor Mayhern or his agenda. Mr. Mayhern has not contacted the Libertarian Party of Marion County's leadership nor the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Indiana regarding switching to our party. 
The Libertarian Party is the Party of Principle. We are unwavering in our desire for smaller government and increased individual responsibility. We do not believe that Councilor Mayhern's history or ideals would make a suitable fit for our party, and we are not interested in discussing a potential party switch with him. 
For more information on the Libertarian Party, please visit

This was quickly followed up a few hours later by...
We would like to apologize for the misspelling of Councilor Mahern's name in our previous post. 
We would like to blame auto-correct, but we are the Party of Principle, so we will accept accountability for our mistakes. 
The fact is, we just screwed up. No harm intended.

It is an odd political world, isn't it?  Makes you wonder why they would even go there.


Anonymous said...

When the Libertarians wont take you know your a man with out a country....Poor Brain, he's a lost soul that needs some direction.I honestly feel for him, it must suck to wake up every morning hating everything you see.How can one man be filled with so much rage?

Indy Student said...

Based on what Josh Featherstone posted on Facebook, Abdul's Cheat Sheet implies/states/rumor mongers that Mahern wants to switch to the LP. Based on Featherstone and comments in his FB thread, it hasn't even been on the radar of the LPMC.

Josh Featherstone said...

That is correct. Our post was in response to rumors we had heard were circulating that Mahern was in talks with us. After Abdul published it on his chest sheet, we felt it was necessary to address the rumor and state that it was not true.

Jon Easter said...

I don't read the cheat sheet. I get my blatant innuendo and back room gossip for free. Most of which I don't feel comfortable reporting.

For example, I knew something was coming with Kim Brown. If you keep your ear to the ground long enough, you'll be right on something.

I just have no interest in dealing with real dirty dirt. I don't know if that makes me better or worse than anyone else, but I can sleep easily at night.