Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indiana Chamber on Sidelines for HJR-6 Fight

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce has decided to roll over on the House Joint Resolution 6 battle which is getting set to warm up in the General Assembly in January.

The Associated Press reports that the Indiana Chamber will not take a position on the issue which does have critical economic ramifications across Indiana. Many large Indiana employers such as Lilly and Cummins have decided to oppose the ban on pretty much everything but marriage between a man and a woman because they realize the impact it would have on their employees.

It’s disappointing that the Chamber will not take a position. It’s in fact quite cowardly in my opinion. Why wouldn’t the Indiana Chamber want to promote a state that values everyone and families of all kinds, straight and gay. By remaining silent and not putting its considerable weight behind equality in Indiana, it simply allows inequality to continue.

I guess that’s hunky dory with the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.


Anonymous said...

This is not a surprise. The Indiana Chamber is not independent of the Indiana Republicans.

Jon Easter said...

This is actually pretty much the same position as the Indiana GOP's.