Thursday, August 22, 2013

Freedom Indiana Kicks Off Campaign

Freedom Indiana began its campaign to defeat HJR-6 on Wednesday at the Artsgarden in Indianapolis.

I was not able to attend, but I saw the coverage on several of the news outlets.  It appears to be quite an eclectic group of individuals from all walks of life.

I saw several of my friends there, but I also saw a few folks that were complete surprises.  One of those surprises is the person running the campaign, Megan Robertson.

Robertson is almost the textbook definition of a Republican insider.  She is the former campaign manager for Tony Bennett's 2008 run for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  She also ran Greg Ballard's 2011 reelection campaign and Luke Messer's Congressional campaign in 2012.  Messer was an author of HJR-6.  Up until July 2013, Robertson's LinkedIn profile says she was his communications director.

Because of her background, Robertson will be able to talk to Republican leaders and try to shoot down HJR-6 before it is passed.  With the business support of Cummins and Eli Lilly, you would figure that Robertson might have a chance at another successful campaign.

Whatever happens, the message is clear.  Same sex marriage is illegal in Indiana currently, and an amendment to the Indiana Constitution is not necessary.  We are still along way from marriage equality here in the Hoosier State, but I look forward to the date that it happens here, too.  It's coming...but that's not what the fight agains HJR-6 is about.

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