Sunday, August 4, 2013

Berry Still on Books as Auditor after Presumed Resignation

If you pay taxes in Indiana, you're paying the Indiana Republican Party Chairman's a manner of speaking, that is.

It was thought that Indiana Auditor of State Tim Berry resigned a few weeks ago from his job to take over the chair position of the Indiana GOP.  That school of thought is not accurate, though.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reported last week that he's still on the books as auditor and is also serving as a volunteer Chairman for the Indiana Republican Party.

Berry is waiting for Mike Pence to make a decision on who will replace him as auditor.  There is precedent in these resignation situations.

When Charlie White stepped down as Secretary of State, then-Governor Mitch Daniels appointed Jerold Bonnett on an interim basis.  Eventually, Daniels chose Connie Lawson as the Secretary of State.  I don't know why this arrangement was not followed for Berry.  Perhaps I just misunderstood the situation, but I thought Berry was going to resign to take the Indiana Republican Party Chairmanship job.  

As long as Berry is performing the full-time duties of the Auditor, I guess I don't have so much of a problem.  Berry is still prominently featured as the Indiana Auditor of State on the website.

I just feel as if Hoosiers were misled on this one.  Media sources reported that as soon as Berry was selected as the Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party he would resign as Indiana Auditor of State.  Looks like he'll still be Auditor as long as Pence drags his feet.


Anonymous said...

So, the article linked to said that when Gov. Pence had picked a replacement then Mr. Berry would leave and chair the Republican party for the state. No replacement has been picked so why would he leave his job? No confusion there.

Jon Easter said...

It was widely reported that Berry would resign immediately after being named GOP Chair. No one walked back that story until the Journal-Gazette reported it.

Besides, I put in the piece that if he's the full time auditor, I have no problem with the arrangement. Question he the full time auditor?