Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ballard '07 Would Likely Have "Had Enough" of Ballard '13...Videos Prove It

With Mayor Greg Ballard considering another tax hike, I thought I would get in my time machine and head back to 2007 to see if I could find the Greg Ballard of 2007.

Unfortunately, I was not able to generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary to get the Delorean to make the jump back in time.  

Thus, I had to settle for a YouTube search.  I came across this advertisement by Ballard which I believe from memory aired shortly before the 2007 General Election.  

Of course, there were several "homemade" Ballard ads that showed up on YouTube as well at the time.  They are still there.  Some seem very funny now.  Wonder how the folks that made this one feel about Greg Ballard 2013 now?

This interview is rather enlightening, too.

So, Greg Ballard of 2007 was railing against partisanship, government secrecy, high crime rates, an understaffed police force, and the raising of taxes and fees.  

It's clear that Greg Ballard of 2007 would have "had enough" of his current counterpart.

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