Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yezak, National Gay Blood Drive Taking on Antiquated FDA Policy

Ryan James Yezak
Photo via Twitter
Another front in the civil rights battle for LGBT Americans opens Friday.

Filmmaker Ryan James Yezak, who is working on a documentary entitled Second Class Citizens about the gay rights movement, has organized a National Gay Blood Drive.

The drive is designed to draw attention in a very real manner about how stupid and counterproductive it is for the Food and Drug Administration to continue to ban sexually active gay/bisexual men from giving blood with all we now know about HIV testing and blood screening.

In Indy, you can attempt to donate at the Indiana Blood Center at 3450 N. Meridian Street.  To read more about it and the process, go to  From the website, the National Gay Blood Drive is:

A peaceful nation-wide demonstration in which otherwise eligible gay/bisexual male donors will show up to get (HIV) tested at a specified donation center in their city and attempt to donate their blood. As each donor is rejected, their test result will be collected, compiled, and delivered to the FDA - visually conveying to them on a national level how much blood the gay community could contribute to the blood supply should they lift their current policy.

Below is the follow-up to Yezak's excellent Gay Rights Movement teaser for Second Class Citizens that includes more about the National Gay Blood Drive.

Here is Yezak's PSA about the Blood Drive itself.

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