Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweeney Bell Launches Campaign for Marion County Recorder

Kate Sweeney Bell
Photo from Facebook
Kate Sweeney Bell threw her hat in the ring for Marion County Recorder officially yesterday by filing her campaign committee and documents with the Marion County Clerk's Office.

The self-professed lifelong Democrat told the assembled crowd at last night's Decatur Township Democratic Club that her father used to knock doors for political campaigns with her in her little red wagon. She's hoping to hitch her wagon to the Democratic nomination next May.

Sweeney Bell's resume shows government experience working in the O'Bannon and Bayh Administrations in communications as well as the Washington Township Small Claims Court as its financial supervisor.  She also worked in the private sector owning a small business with her father.  

In a news release from her campaign, Sweeney Bell cites the efforts of current recorder Julie Voorhies to expand access to the office and modernize it.  She says she wants to continue and expand those efforts.  "I look forward to bringing my own measure of 'kitchen table common sense' to the Recorder's office," said Sweeney Bell in the release.  She said she is dedicated to responsible government.

Sweeney Bell's campaign committee includes longtime Democratic activist and Southside legend Mary Berry, Marion County Auditor Billie Breaux, and Perry Township Advisory Board Member Jason Fletcher.  Berry and Breaux are serving as co-chairs.  Fletcher will be Sweeney Bell's Treasurer.

Both Pike Township Advisory Board President Annette Johnson and Marion County Surveyor Debbie Jenkins have also expressed an interest in replacing Voorhies who is running for Marion County Auditor.

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Veracity said...

Run, Kate, run! At last, someone who is seeking office that is actually qualified. What a novel idea!