Friday, July 19, 2013

Plot Thickens in NYC Mayoral Race

Eliot Spitzer
Suddenly, the talk of the New York Mayor’s race is who is running for Comptroller?

Former New York Governor, Attorney General, and TV host Eliott Spitzer has entered the race for Comptroller of New York, and people are talking about this like it will be a drag on Anthony Weiner’s hopes to be Mayor of New York. I don’t understand that.

Yes I know that Spitzer and Weiner both got in trouble for sex scandals, but if Weiner is the right man for the job of Mayor of New York, why does it matter what Spitzer does?

Weiner continues to narrowly lead Christine Quinn in the polls for Mayor, and Spitzer has opened an initial nine-point lead in the battle for the highly-visible elected post of Comptroller. Quinn has started to use the past sex scandals in her campaign narrative. The Associated Press reports that she said this in a campaign news conference: "What have Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer done to earn that second chance? ... I would say not very much."

She has a point, but it’s not like the voters can’t see what these two men did. They got caught with their pants down…literally (maybe less in Spitzer’s case, but that’s beside the point). They both paid with their jobs, and now they are trying again.

Quinn is an excellent candidate for Mayor. I would advise her to stick to the issues at hand as well as her otherwise strong record rather than trying to play personal politics with things voters already know about Spitzer and Weiner. Plus, she’s not even running against Spitzer.

It remains to be seen if, as the AP says, Spitzer will “drag down” Weiner’s hopes for Mayor. Whatever happens, it keeps the first truly interesting New York Mayor’s race in 20 years that much more interesting.

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