Monday, July 15, 2013

Pence To Vacation in Undisclosed Location

Mike Pence on Vacation?
So, you're the Governor of Indiana.  You just want to get away.  Where do you go?

The Indianapolis Star reported on Saturday that Mike Pence is being ultra secretive about where he will plop up his feet, put on a straw hat, and fall asleep until noon during the first week of August.  When pushed on his vacation location, Pence told the Star that it will be, "Way out of state."

That made me start to think.  We never really know when our Governor is on vacation, do we?  I can't remember people saying anything about where Mitch Daniels, Evan Bayh, Frank O'Bannon or any other Governor vacationed.  Does anyone know? I mean, a Governor still has a security detail with him, right?

I'm not criticizing Pence for taking a vacation at all.  I never do that.  I believe he deserves one because running a state is probably harder than you could imagine. It just seems strange for him not to want to divulge where he will be.  Sort of like when Mark Sanford went hiking on the Appalachian Trail. to Argentina.

It got me to thinking, where do I think Mike Pence would go on vacation?  I'm stumped.  I can't imagine the guy ever having fun.

Don't get me wrong...again, I'm not making an issue over this.  I wish him well.  I just have to wonder if our really...a SECRET AGENT.

At the risk of no one leaving a comment, I'll let you dream up where he might come the first week of August on your own.  Enjoy!

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I'm not sure why you think Gov. Pence is some fuddy-duddy who doesn't know how to have fun. My experience with Pence in law school is that he would almost always have a smile on his face, be kidding around, having fun. While he had a serious side, he was also always quick to crack a joke.

I think some people have this impression of Pence as being someone who is always overly serious and that everything he does is about advancing his brand of conservative politics. I assure you that's not true. assure you, Jon, that if you went to school with Pence you would have liked him a great deal even though you wouldn't agree with his politics. Pence was very popular in law school. I'm not aware of anyone who didn't personally like him.