Monday, July 8, 2013

Marion County Dems' Chair Joel Miller Speaks Out on Ballard Public Safety Record

Not sure who created this graphic but...
Marion County Democratic Party Chair Joel Miller sent out this release today in advance of Mayor Greg Ballard's announcement of his plan to deal with the recent crime wave in the city.


In the wake of skyrocketing crime, Ballard set to finally respond

INDIANAPOLIS—Below is a statement from Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Joel Miller regarding Mayor Greg Ballard’s upcoming announcement regarding public safety staffing at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

“Despite his campaign promise six years ago that ‘Public Safety is Job One,’ Mayor Greg Ballard has failed miserably to protect the people of Indianapolis.

Mayor Ballard has chronically understaffed the police department. Rather than approve the City-Council’s bipartisan move to provide $6 million in funding for up to 60 new police officers, he vetoed it. Days before his veto, the city proudly touted it will hold an amateur cricket tournament at Ballard’s field of dreams on the eastside.

Mayor Ballard couldn’t tell us if he vetoed more police officers so he can pay for his cricket stadium. That’s because he was in Las Vegas, on yet another junket.

His administration has become a classic case of misplaced priorities. Unfortunately, Mayor Ballard isn’t focusing on keeping parents and children safe during the city’s downtown fireworks. Mayor Ballard is myopically focused on building a cricket stadium, so much so that he is stubbornly digging in his heels despite the council’s common sense action to use Rebuild Indy funds to pay for more police.

A high crime rate chips away at a city’s quality of life. Consider this:

  • Of the 15 most populous cities, Indianapolis has had the highest overall crime rate in 2012.
  • In 2012, Indianapolis ranked in the top third of the largest cities in the US in overall crime, violent crime, aggravated assault, burglary and arson.
  • So far this year, Indianapolis has a higher homicide rate than Chicago. Per 10,000 residents, Indianapolis is averaging .874 homicides compared to Chicago’s .670.

I sincerely hope Mayor Ballard will personally tell us today why his new public safety plan will work. Because what he has been doing isn’t working.”


varangianguard said...

If the local Democratic party doesn't POUND the Republicans on this issue during the next big municipal election, we will most likely see a repeat of the failure to capture the top of the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts: Crime is very complicated. Statistics are complicated. Crime statistics are...well...

So, is the Left now saying something so facile that the number of police funded is directly proportional to the homicide rate? Maybe. If so, what then is the "correct" number of police the city should fund that the opposition proposes and why shouldn't that also then be even more?

Why are we linking parks and police by the way? Seems fairly arbitrary if it's not just opportunism to score some lazy political points. Such is the game I guess but let's recognize it as such.

...and so if the homicide rate would happen to drop at some random point in the future will Ballard then deserve the credit? Will it be due to his policies or in spite of them? I suspect partisans have already decided.

Crime is complicated.