Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1 Means New Laws

It's July 1.  We are officially halfway through the year.

Today is the day that the Indiana General Assembly usually sets as the enactment date of laws that were passed in the 2013 session.  WTHR did a short story on these new laws.  I won't bore you with listing them all.  

Here are a couple of highlights.  

The Greg Ballard Power Grab Bill giving the Mayor of Indianapolis unprecedented and dangerous power over City-County government goes into effect.  Next election, Indianapolis will be electing 25 district Councillors and zero At-Large Councillors.  In 2016, only five township board seats will be on the ballot in Marion County.  Welcome to the era of the central count of absentee ballots (which will slow down the election results).  Just remember who brought it on: Mike Young and Greg Ballard.  Thanks Senate Enrolled Act 621.

The WTHR piece above highlights a new law that makes it impossible for city government to regulate guns in parks.  It also highlights a new concussion for high school athletes law, and it warns that the next text or e-mail you send from behind the wheel could make you $500 lighter in your wallet.

A full list of laws passing the General Assembly is here.

Duh.  I linked to an old WTHR article.  I fixed the link and removed the duh part of the article.  Duh.  Duh.  Thanks Paul Ogden for the catch.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, you've cited to a 2011 WTHR story.

I was thrown when you said that cities won't be able to have laws banning guns in parks. That's been the law for a couple years.