Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vetoing More Police Proposal Would Be Big Mistake for Ballard

Mayor Ballard
On Monday Night, the City-County Council passed a proposal to take $6 million from Rebuild Indy funds to address the critical shortages we have in IMPD right now.

Greg Ballard is signaling that he plans to veto it.

That's right.  The Mayor of Indianapolis, who has no problems with using Rebuild Indy funds to build a Cricket Sports Park that no one asked for and that he didn't tell anyone about, is thinking about vetoing a proposal to put more police on the streets.  Why?  He says it's unsustainable.

The Ballard Administration claims that Indy will not be able to pay these officers in future budgets, so the $6 million is only a temporary solution.  Apparently, the Mayor has never heard of a temporary solution until you find the permanent solution.  It's a stop-gap measure, if you will.  Perhaps the Mayor doesn't know what these things are.

Politically, this is just not a smart thing to have to explain to Indianapolis citizens who continue to see shootings and crime reports mount.  As my friend Christian Mosburg said on Monday night via Twitter, "What good are sidewalks and infrastructure if people are afraid to use them?"

It's a good question.

With his veto pen, Mayor Ballard will end any chance of his reelection.  He will show his priority is not police on the street.  It's cricket.  It's anything but public safety.  Public safety will no longer be job one, and the door will be wide open for a potential opponent with a skilled campaign to sweep in and grab the high ground on this critical issue that people really care about.

So, what's it going to be Mr. Mayor?

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Anonymous said...

Ballard probably threatens this because that is what the real mayor Ryan Vaughn told him to do.