Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Indianapolis was highlighted in a New York Post article recently for its wonderful restaurant and entertainment scene.

Discover Fountain Square shared the article on their Facebook page.  It's really a good piece that highlights a lot of the good things going on in Indianapolis.

One thing it also stated was that Indianapolis has spent $3 billion on tourism in four years.  I had to read that figure twice. It comes out sounding like Dr. Evil in my head.  THREE BILLLLLION DOLLARS!

As I read that amount, I was reminded that it's been almost a half decade since Indy has had a police recruiting class.  We've seen the budget go deeper and deeper into debt.  We've also seen how many taxes and fees go up?

Now granted, not all of this money came out of the city's coffers.  Some of the money came from federal grants and other sources.  A lot of that also probably went to preparing our city to host the Super Bowl.  I just can't get the figure out of my brain.

Could we have spent that $3 billion differently and better?  Tourism is great, but we have to live here the rest of the year.  It just sounds like a lot of money for a city that is in the red.

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Anonymous said...

I am guessing that the "$3 billion" really is $3 million. The annual city-county budget is just over a billion.