Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Most Interesting Man on the Supreme Court

He once gutted the Voters Rights Act
with a swing of his gavel.
There's one justice on the United States Supreme Court whose opinions count more than the others.

It's not Antonin Scalia and his dogged determination to put himself under the powdered wigs of the founding fathers over 220 years ago.  It's not Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the now liberal lion of the Supreme Court, with her dogged defense of the voiceless.  Breyer is a good name for ice cream, but Stephen Breyer is pretty predictable.  It's not Elena Kagan or even Sonia Sotomayor.  It's not Sam Alito's headshaking, and, on most things not named Obamacare, it's not John Roberts.  While his confirmation process was interesting, everyone knows how Clarence Thomas will rule.

The most interesting man on the Supreme Court is, of course, Anthony Kennedy.

Anthony Kennedy is the lone swinger on the Supreme Court.  By swinger, I mean that he swings the court in close decisions on cases not named Obamacare.

That means that when the decision is handed down on Prop 8 or DOMA later today, people may talk about what any of the other eight justices write, but it will be Kennedy that likely will swing the direction of the court's decision.

That's why Anthony Kennedy is not only the most interesting man on the Supreme Court but perhaps someone even more powerful than the President or the Speaker of the House or anyone else in government.

That means that when tomorrow's decision is handed down, the matrimonial future of millions of American families may be in one man's hands.  With those futures, mine is included.

No pressure Justice Kennedy.

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