Friday, June 14, 2013

Sources Say McQuillen May Run for Auditor

Michael McQuillen
Sources say a member of the City-County Council is wanting to move up to state office.

Sources tell Indy Democrat that Michael McQuillen is interested in running for Indiana Auditor of State, a position currently held by government veteran, Tim Berry. Berry is term-limited as auditor after previously serving eight years as Indiana Treasurer.

There’s nothing in McQuillen’s bio that particularly screams Auditor. He does run a small business that sells and collects political campaign memorabilia and has been a member of the City-County Council since 2008.

The Auditor pays the state's bills among other functions and duties.  As Berry says on his state website, "As Auditor, I serve as the Chief Financial Officer for the State. As CFO my most important obligations involve accounting for all of the State's funds, overseeing and distributing Local Governments tax distributions, paying the State's bills and paying the State's employees. I also serve as administrator to the Indiana Deferred Compensation Plan working to help secure a better retirement future for all State workers."

A local Council race is much different than a statewide race.  It seems McQuillen is lining his campaign war chest for the long haul.  The Councillor has held two high dollar and high-powered fundraisers the last two years on or around his birthday.

McQuillen’s record on the City-County Council could come back and bite him. As the City-County Council’s Minority Leader, he’s been linked with a Republican like Greg Ballard who many Republicans believe to be a liberal or a moderate at best. In Tea Party pockets, that probably won’t play so well.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz reported recently in one of his Cheat Sheets that Richard Mourdock was also interested in moving over to the Auditor’s Office. Of course, a run by Mourdock for Auditor would make the race for the down ballot office much more competitive for whatever Democrat might run.

As I’ve explained before, these offices are not determined by primary voters. Instead, the Auditor, Treasurer, and Secretary of State candidates will be chosen at the party’s upcoming 2014 state conventions.

And look what just popped up in a web search this morning:


Paul K. Ogden said...

I posted this on Facebook:

If you're interested in a big spending, big taxing RINO, McQuillen is your man. He's currently leading the charge on the elimination of the local homestead tax credit so we can pay higher property taxes in Marion County!

guada210 said...

It was a narrow victory for MMcQ this past election against Ms.Marsh, perhaps he doesn't feel secure if she runs again.