Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mark Brown Challenging John Layton for Sheriff

Mark Brown
John Layton has a challenger from his own party in his reelection bid for Sheriff.

In a simple announcement that seemed to acknowledge his longshot status, Mark Brown announced that he would be seeking the Democratic Party nomination for Marion County Sheriff again in 2014.  Brown, who lost badly in 2010, faces even more of an uphill climb than it was four years ago.  Brown's Facebook status announcing his campaign acknowledged much about the run he's seemingly about to undertake.  Brown wrote on Thursday:

Hello family and friends, 
After a lot of prayer, this morning I filed to seek the Office of Marion County Sheriff. I apologize in advance to anyone who this offends.I expect to loose a few friends, on Facebook, because of your political positions, (Democrat or Republican). I will accept that, however I ask you to please accept that I have a right to seek the office. Others I hope you will pray for me and offer your support.

Sheriff John Layton
The challenges are numerous for Brown.  Most obviously, Layton is the incumbent, and that obviously brings a certain weight to push behind him.  Beyond that, he will have more money than Brown and has built his own bipartisan coalition of support.  Brown, while a good man and someone I consider to be a friend, has not really done the kinds of things necessary to build the kind of organization that will defeat an incumbent in his own party's primary.

I suppose Brown can try to bring up the budget issues (which Layton is good at tamping down on the stump) or perhaps other issues, but I don't think that is the kind of campaign Brown will run.  Mark Brown is a man of integrity, and he will probably try to show that he can do a better job than Layton.

After attending a Layton fundraiser a few months ago, I don't see how Brown can overcome what Layton has put in place.  He has an excellent organization and has a good record to run on no matter what his critics say.

We shall see how this develops from here, but I think it will not end well for Mark Brown's candidacy.  That's a shame because he's a worthy candidate for office.  He just doesn't know how to play politics.  Patience sometimes trumps aggressiveness.

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