Saturday, June 22, 2013

Johnson Considering Run for Recorder

Annette Johnson
Photo from Facebook
Due to term limits, other opportunities, and retirements, three Marion County Offices will be open seats in 2014.

Marion County Clerk Beth White must move on because of the term limits of her office.  Most figure she will run for Secretary of State.  Current Director of Elections, Myla Eldridge has filed to run for Clerk and there's speculation City-County Councillor Leroy Robinson may also run.

Marion County Auditor Billie Breaux is reportedly retiring after a long career of public service.  Marion County Recorder, Julie Voorhies, is looking to move from the Recorder's Office, where she is term limited over to the Auditor's Office.

That leaves an opening for Marion County Recorder.  Did you get all that?

It's an opening that Pike Township Advisory Board Member Annette Johnson is considering filling.  She announced her intentions to potentially run for the office at Wednesday's Washington Township Democratic Club Meeting after testing the water at Tuesday's Southside Democratic Club Luncheon.

Johnson, who has become a fixture at not only Democratic but community events across the county, tells Indy Democrat that she's busy forming a team and making the necessary connections and will likely form an exploratory committee later this year to make things official.

Besides her position on the Pike Township Board, Johnson is the President of the Pike Township Democratic Club and was elected a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  She is a longtime Precinct Committeeperson.  In 2011, she pursued the Democratic Party Slating slot for one of the At-Large Council Seats, but she lost by literally just a few votes to Robinson.  Instead of taking her case the primary as many urged her to do, Johnson withdrew from the race and has been working in a variety of capacities across the community and in the party since.

She has been everywhere.  I frankly don't know how she does it, and it's not just politics.  It's church events, youth events, civic clubs, and community events.  She's recently added journalist to her resume as well as a member of the upstart online magazine crew.  Even with all this, she maintains her day job in the Office of Outreach at the Indiana DOE.

Johnson will be a strong candidate in the 2014 cycle.


Anonymous said...

She has earned it! Good luck.

Mark Hoke said...

Proud of you Annette, from Mark Hoke publisher and the ICINDYMAG.Com crew.

Will Jackson said...

Annette has been a vital component working behind the scenes ensuring our democratic slate are successful on election nights. I believe she will be an amazing Recorder and will further assist, help and aid the residents of Marion County.