Saturday, June 15, 2013

ESPN Article from 2009 Tells Different Story on Indy Cricket Stadium

An ESPN article from 2009 said Indianapolis was very interested in building a cricket stadium to be financed by PRIVATE and not PUBLIC dollars.  

This could be one wicked googly.

The October 4, 2009 article penned by Peter Della Penna details a meeting between Mayor Greg Ballard and his administration with the USA Cricket Association, the same organization now wanting to bring a national cricket tournament to the city.

Much of the article centers on Ballard's plan to build the cricket stadium on the Eastside of Indianapolis, it curiously includes a different line of funding altogether and suggests a significantly higher pricetag than the one detailed to Indy residents.

The article talks about what Indy wishes to build vs. what was built in Broward County, Florida.  From the article:

One major difference between the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill, Florida and the proposed plan for Indianapolis is that the latter will be financed by private funding, whereas the US$70 million it cost to build the stadium in south Florida came from taxpayer dollars and bonds. 
While Lowry doesn't know what the total project will cost, the city is looking to get it started sometime in the next six to eight months. How soon things get underway will depend on how long it takes for someone to step up to support the project with the necessary financial backing. "There's been a couple of companies very interested," he said. "I can't give specific names yet but one Fortune 500 company is very interested."
It appears that at one point Mayor Ballard's administration was looking for corporate dollars to help them build the stadium.  What happened Mr. Mayor?  Also, if ESPN knew about this in 2009, why didn't you tell your city?

This is one sticky wicket.  Maybe the Mayor's new "cricket village" will go next to the Litebox plant or maybe even the new Chinatown he advocated during the '07 campaign.

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