Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did Chairman Joel Miller Tell Democrats to Stop Whining About Senate Bill 621?

Chairman Joel Miller
Well, I have to give credit where credit is due.

I was skeptical when Abdul-Hakim Shabazz reported in a recent tease for one of his cheat sheets that Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Joel Miller told his folks to stop talking (specifically whining) about Senate Bill 621.

Since he has yet to comp me on a subscription for the cheat sheet, I didn't read the piece.  Thus, all this time, I thought Abdul had been making stuff up again.

Well, I was wrong...technically that is.  Last night, at the Decatur Township Democratic Club meeting, Miller took a moment to set the record straight.

Miller said that Democrats should no longer refer to the bill as Senate Bill 621.  Miller said that technically Senate Bill 621 was now a Senate Enrolled Act.  It's law.  He went further, though.

Miller said the new law needs to be referred to in terms of its effects.  Said Miller, "I will say is that our people need to remind people exactly what this law is.  It's Mayor Greg Ballard's Power Grab."

I want to thank Abdul for bringing this to the forefront and what the new corresponding Senate Enrolled Act should be called.  Hopefully he, the news media, and other bloggers will begin referring to SEA621 as "Mayor Greg Ballard's Power Grab."

Please make a note of it.

Given Miller's statements at the meeting, I think we'll hear a lot about Mayor Ballard's Power Grab in the future.  Sorry Abdul.  This one's not going away.

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