Monday, June 10, 2013

Carson Completes Busy Weekend in 7th District

Congressman Carson in Wanamaker
(Photo from Congressman Andre Carson's Facebook Page)
If you follow Congressman Andre Carson's Facebook page, you know that this man was everywhere this past weekend.

On Saturday, the Congressman was at Indy Pride and several other events in the district like the Center Township FunFest, the West Indianapolis Community Day.  On Sunday, he spent time at the Wanamaker Old Settlers Day in Franklin Township.  Tonight, he'll be on my show on Indiana Talks.  Even as the Congressman makes personal appearances, his staff continues to make the rounds as well.  District Director Chris Worden recently spoke to the Decatur Township Civic Council.

Just remember weekends like this one when the Congressman's opponents try to tell you that he's out of touch or doesn't come home, don't believe it.  This weekend was a great example.

This past week also brought two big announcements.  The Defense Bill for 2014 passed through the House Armed Services Committee including some Carson-added additions to hopefully help curb military suicides.  Mental health for our servicemen and servicewomen in the military has been a big issue the Congressman has pushed since taking office.  Carson also secured $1.6 million in grants to help clean up contaminated sites in the city.  In short, he's working for the 7th District!

Tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. on to hear more from the Congressman on the JohnnyStir Show.

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