Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ballard Homestead Credit Proposal Given Green Light by Commission

Remember when Mayor Greg Ballard was candidate Greg Ballard?  Well, that guy bears little resemblance to the politician he's grown into today.
Mayor Greg Ballard
Ballard wants to raise your taxes by getting rid of the homestead tax credit, and a bi-partisan commission narrowly is now backing the plan.

The Local Homestead Tax Credit Commission voted 6-4 (with one vote for by proxy) to recommend phasing out the tax over two years, the Indianapolis Star's Jon Murray reports.  This would bring an influx of $8.3 million back into the city coffers but force, according to the Star, 75 percent of residents to pay more in their property tax bills.

Remember that candidate?  Greg Ballard?  Yeah, he said that he could do everything he wanted to do for the city "without asking for more of your money" and attacked Mayor Bart Peterson for raising your taxes.  He even campaigned against Peterson's 0.65 percent income tax rate increase and then has kept that money in the budget since he's been Mayor of Indianapolis. 

Let's be clear.  I'm not necessarily against this move.  I just want someone to be honest.  Candidate Greg Ballard probably didn't think that he would win the race for Mayor of Indianapolis over the incumbent Mayor Peterson.  He jumped on the anti-tax bandwagon and was successful in making Peterson walk the plank.

It's hard not to see similarities in what is happening currently in the Mayor's Office to what happened to Peterson in his run for a third term.  With budget deficits mounting and the city seeing increased crime, Indianapolis residents are crying out for leadership.  Ballard's response seems to be to get another tax or fee raised.  

The man who once said he didn't need more of your money now seems obsessed with taking more of it.  Eventually, people will reach the tipping point on this issue.


Anonymous said...

First of all Petersen's increase was a 65% increase not 0.65 percent; old coit was 1.00% and the new coit became 1.65.
Secondly, why isn't our mayor pilloried by both sides of the aisle for his ineptitude in managing our city? He hasn't done a single solitary act to lower taxes, the parking deal is a fiasco, the Broad Ripple parking garage giveaway, the water company sellout, the towing contract etc.
When will either of our parties recognize the emperor has now clothes?

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans want this tax increase takes away more money from public schools, Indygo and the library, they can just vote it in themselves. The math might not work. Of course, Ballard's math was not so good when he cheered for the circuit breaker not realizing he was to be victim 1A. I would hope if Ballard really wants this tax, he leads the charge.

Anonymous said...

I am not a math person but isn't 65% and a .65 increase the same thing. Is someone looking for a reason to make the increase seem larger or smaller than what it was. The original was 1.0 and it increased to 1.65% which is a .65 increase or 65%.