Monday, June 24, 2013

An Apology to Mike Hobbs

A couple of weeks ago, I penned a blog post about Russell Brown's decision not to seek reelection as Lawrence Township Trustee.

In that blog post, I mentioned that the previous Lawrence Township Trustee, Mike Hobbs, had resigned from the office "in disgrace."

I didn't honestly give much thought about that part of the post again until today.  I received a very nice e-mail from Mike Hobbs.  He very cordially disagreed with my characterization of his resignation from the office, and he told me that even though he didn't know me that he wanted to set the record straight.

The message here is that what one person considers just words in a blog post can hurt someone else.  It's never my intention to do that on this blog.  Sure, I'm tough on people, but I try not to make things personal and keep everything above board in that regard.

In reviewing the post, I feel I crossed that line.  There was no reason to even mention Mr. Hobbs in the post.  Furthermore, his resignation had nothing to do with Brown's decision to not seek reelection.

Thus, I would like to apologize to Mr. Hobbs for being unfair to him, and I appreciate his e-mail keeping me straight.  I have also removed the reference to him in the original blog post.