Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Woodmansee Running for Superior Court Slot

Todd Woodmansee
While other races begin to heat up in 2014, there's another race that is just starting to hit its stride.  That's the battle for two of Marion County's Superior Court Judge seats.

This election is essentially over at the primary level thanks to a state law that sets the number of Republican and Democrats at an equal level.  Technically, a third party could join the fight, but that's extremely difficult in a race for judge.

While most of the sitting judges are expected to run for reelection, the Class of 2014 will have two vacancies.  Longtime Judge Gerald Zore is retiring as is Judge Patrick McCarty.  That means there will be two open slots on the Democratic ticket.  The race for these spots at slating is typically brutal.

There is one hat in the ring.  Local attorney Todd Woodmansee is running for Superior Court Judge.  He filed on May 7.  Woodmansee is a former Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Prosecutor.  He has been in private practice for the last 10 years.  Woodmansee just recently moved to Pike Township from Warren Township, where he still owns his old home in Irvington.  Woodmansee is just the first candidate in a race that is expected to draw several.

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