Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is Kyle Walker so Angry?

Kyle Walker is mad.

The Marion County GOP Chairman is mad at the Indy Star’s Matthew Tully over a column that criticized Mayor Greg Ballard for being absent from the scene when U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett announced charges against two city employees for allegedly mishandling the city's land bank program.

The Twitter spat began sometime yesterday with the Chair giving it to Tully over an interview that Tully did, but I did not see on WTHR. 

After Democratic PR specialist Jen Wagner pointed out that Tully is a columnist, Walker's attack continued on Tully.  

It seems that Walker doesn’t understand or care to understand that Tully is a columnist. Columnists get paid by newspapers to write their opinions. They are not beholden to the same journalistic rules as let’s say a reporter like John Tuohy, Mary Beth Schneider, or Jon Murray. It’s the job of the columnist to be the opinionated one, and it is up to the reader to agree or disagree.

Chairman Walker
By criticizing Tully’s body of work, Walker is throwing his own Mayor under the bus because Tully’s articles have sometimes been glowing in praise for Ballard. 

I clearly am biased, but I think that almost everyone outside the Ballard Administration could see that the announcement of alleged wrongdoing right under the Mayor’s nose is not a good thing politically. The fact that it took almost one full day for him to respond at an unrelated event was another embarrassment for the Mayor.

Tully just said that Mayor Ballard should have owned the scandal. Many times, it’s how you deal with those things in the first few hours that will determine how they ultimately are placed at your doorstep. The Mayor’s inaction and then less-than-stellar response when he was finally in front of the media was simply a black eye for the Ballard Administration.

On another level, I really can't believe that Walker would take to Twitter and try to start something with one of the city's biggest political voices.  Some criticize Tully, but he is one of the few political columnists of the city's largest newspaper.  You really don't want to tick these folks off.

It's clear that Tully ticked Walker off by telling the truth.  It must be the truth that makes Walker angry.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I still don't understand how the Mayor can claimed to not have known what was going on at the land office when the IBJ did a lengthy article six months ago about the subject. I don't understand why he didn't order an investigation then. Ballard ought to just admit he made a mistake instead of trying to defend the inaction.

artfuggins said...

I agree, Paul. I think Walker is just going to have to get angry. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and over the coming months, much more will be revealed about the pay for play culture in the mayor's administration.

Bob Kern said...

I am an Indianapolis Democrat, but I also believe, in what is right and what is wrong is just that.

I feel that Kyle Walker has a reason to be mad, and so should many other people be mad too and here is why.

The former U.S. Attorney setting the stage for his run for Mayor of Indianapolis, by arresting people and using his authority to eliminate candidates or anyone else that would get in his way of running for Mayor of Indianapolis.
Kyle Walker and I have had our share of disagreements, but he has always kept his cool. I think Kyle Walker is right and he has reason to be mad.

Joe Hogsett, used and abused his powers as U.S. Attorney and should be charged with a federal crime based upon the Federal Hatch Act that was established in 1939. Joe is a an attorney and a former U.S. Attorney and fully know what he was doing. I'ts my job as a citizen not a democrat to keep Joe Hogsett accountable. Cinderella the shoe fits wear it!!!!

Thank you,
Bob Kern