Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weiner's Back and Battle With Quinn Should Be a Good One

Christine Quinn
Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner is running for Mayor of New York, and he finds himself with an uphill climb ahead.

Weiner enters the race behind the Democratic Party front runner, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, but should have the money for a more than credible run for the office. Quinn vs. Weiner will be a long and tough race.

Just a couple of years ago, Weiner was a fast-rising star in the Democratic Party both in New York and nationwide.  He was brash and outspoken and seemed ready to conquer the political world.  His downfall was swift and self-inflicted after tweeting naked pictures of himself to a woman.  The pictures ended up being released by political enemies, and Weiner's career seemed over as he resigned from Congress in disgrace.

Time fixes all things in politics, and Weiner is staging a comeback.

Here is the intro video to his campaign.

It's very well done.  The video concentrates on the themes of his campaign while trying to reestablish the idea of the Anthony Weiner New Yorkers and Democrats across the country came to know and love.  Will he win the nomination?  Time will certainly tell.  Quinn has many things working in her favor and, to me, seems to be the best candidate, but I'm sure she's sorry to see Weiner in the race.  She can't ignore him.

For the record, here's her campaign intro video.

It's a long way to the Primary in September.  I'm sure will see more about this one between now and then.

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