Friday, May 17, 2013

A Look Ahead at 2014

We are just under a year from the 2014 Primary Election, and I thought it might be beneficial to take a look at the various offices folks in Marion County will be going to the polls to cast votes for next year.

Leading the ballot will be the federal candidates. In 2014, it will just be U.S. House races on the ballot. The next U.S. Senate election is not until 2016 here in Indiana. I don’t really believe we’ll see too many surprises in the Primary. The current incumbents, if they elect to run again, should easily get through the primaries with one exception. That’s the 8th District. Larry Bucshon seems to attract primary opponents. The uncertainty of what Richard Mourdock might do has fueled the possibility of a match-up between Mourdock and Bucshon in the Primary.

At the state level, there will be three executive offices on the ballot, and these candidates will be officially nominated in the summer of 2014 at each party’s convention. Connie Lawson is expected to seek reelection as Secretary of State. Tim Berry and Mourdock are forbidden from running for reelection for Auditor and Treasurer, respectively. Berry could file again to run for Treasurer if he wishes. He has sat out the necessary time for him to run again for that office after having served as Indiana’s Treasurer from 1999 to 2007. Mourdock’s political future is up in the air. All 100 Indiana House of Representative seats will be up for grabs in 2014 as will half of the Indiana Senate seats including the local seats of Senators Mike Delph and Jim Merritt.

Several Marion County offices will be up for election in 2014. The offices of Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Prosecutor, Recorder, and Sheriff will be on the ballot. With Assessor Joe O’Connor, Prosecutor Terry Curry, and Sheriff John Layton seeing reelection, the offices of Auditor, Clerk, and Recorder will be open seats. Current Recorder Julie Voorhies will try to move from the Recorder’s Office to the Auditor’s Office because she cannot run again for the Recorder’s seat due to term limits. Current Clerk Beth White is rumored to be considering a run for Secretary of State, and the Election Board’s Director of Elections, Myla Eldridge is filed to run for the Clerk’s job. Current Auditor, Billie Breaux, is expected to retire. Marion County Circuit Court Judge Lou Rosenberg’s seat will be on the ballot. Rosenberg is retiring. There will also be 18 Marion Superior Court Judges on the ballot (nine from each party unless a third party runs). Democratic Judges Pat McCarty and Gerald Zore are retiring.

Finally, at the township level, the nine township Trustees, Constables, and Small Claims Court seats will be on the ballot. There’s always lots of room for drama in these down ballot races.

That’s pretty much what to look forward to next year. Lots of races, and lots of moving parts for a political wonk like me to watch!  Watch what referendums could end up on the ballot as well!

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varangianguard said...

The smartest thing to do would be to proactively manage a narrative via advertising right now, instead of letting the narrative manage you (the party).
Nationally, regionally and locally, the Democratic Party needs to hammer home why it is goofy for most Republican voters to keep carrying the candidates that their party puts forward. Quit shooting yourselves in the (collective) foot, voters!

Quit just sitting back and hoping for change.