Friday, May 10, 2013

Voorhies Running for Marion County Auditor

Marion County Recorder
Julie Voorhies
Marion County Recorder Julie Voorhies announced at the Southside Democrat Club on Tuesday night that she is running for Marion County Auditor in 2014.

Elected Recorder in 2006, Voorhies is banned by the Indiana Constitution from seeking a third-consecutive term in the office. She may run for other countywide offices, and it appears that she is going to do exactly that.

As Recorder, Voorhies spent a great deal of her terms modernizing the office and making the office much more customer-friendly. In 2010, as she was battling for reelection, Voorhies tragically lost her husband, longtime labor leader Bob Voorhies, to cancer.

Voorhies also served as a mentor to Marion County Surveyor Debbie Jenkins. Jenkins was Voorhies’ office manager prior to the time she took office as Surveyor in early 2009.

Current Auditor Billie Breaux retired from the Indiana Senate in 2006 to run for Auditor. She has served two terms in the office and is expected to retire after a long career of service as an elected official and, before that, a highly-regarded educator.

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