Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tea Leaves Point to Possible Veto of SB621 by Governor Pence

Pence to the Rescue?
Governor Mike Pence has a lot of people's collective attention right now after sending signals that he plans to veto some bills he has not yet signed.  Friday is the deadline where bills will simply pass into law without the Governor's signature.

The smart bet on the bills is centering on Senate Bill 621.  Pence said initially he had concerns about the bill that passed through the joint conference committee and then both Houses of the General Assembly.  The bill barely passed the House and sailed through the Senate.

This morning, Republicans across Marion County got an e-mail from Chairman Kyle Walker that urged them to call and support Senate Bill 621 over the bullying tactics of Marion County Democrats.  Totally a laughable thought, I know, but it shows exactly how concerned the Ballard Administration is right now.

Governor Pence is known far and wide for standing up to forces within his own party when it came to what he considered federal overreach into state and local matters.  He stood up in Congress to President George W. Bush.  Now, it appears he may be standing up for local government again and the idea of self-rule.

Walker and John violate "Man Law" at SB621
Conf. Committee Hearing as Frizzell testifies.
By stepping in, Pence is playing the grown up in the room.  He had to have heard the impassioned calls from people on all sides of the aisle for the General Assembly to kill this bill.  He had to hear how pithy and incomplete the defense of this bill was by those pushing it at the conference committee stage.  Perhaps he even saw Chairman Walker and previous Marion County GOP Chair Tom John sitting uncomfortably close over the shoulder of David Frizzell at the Conference Committee hearing.  He's no dummy.  He knows this is a politically-motivated bill designed to stick it to the Democrats.  By stepping in with his veto, he would be above the fray.

I'm sure the Governor is going to hear it from at least five or six people if he vetoes the bill.  I'm sure you'll see Abdul light the Gov. up on Indy Politics and maybe Greg Ballard can fit in a phone call between trade missions and cricket matches.  I'm sure that Mike Young's face will get really red, and Bob Behning's voice might actually be raised enough to actually hear more than his normal whisper.  David Frizzell will simply say that Pence is not a real Republican.

Pence figures that he can look out for himself here.  The support for SB621 is extremely small, but the opposition could bring the wrath of not only Democrats but local government advocates and...gasp...the Tea Party.

If Pence vetoes the bill, May 19 would be the next day to watch.  That's the day that the General Assembly could meet to override the vetoes of Governor Pence.  It just takes a simple majority, but, if Pence makes a forceful statement against political games and for local control, that could be something that causes those that might override a veto grief in November of 2014 or even before.

Mike Pence may be about to throw his political capital around, and we're about to see just exactly who might win the stare down.


Greg Purvis said...

I believe under the Indiana Constitution, the Governor has 7 days to act. The bill was signed by the President of the Senate on May 1, so that would mean the Governor has to act by today, May 8th.

Anonymous said...

No, the 7-day timer starts from the presentment of the bill, which was May 4 in this case.