Tuesday, May 21, 2013

No Words...

No words can do justice to the amount of tragedy the folks in Moore, Oklahoma had barreling through their community yesterday afternoon.

Nothing.  That's why the blog goes silent today.

Today, please join me in remembering the fragility of life and how with one metaphorical finger Mother Nature can wipe us all out.  It's an awesome power to respect, but it's a terrible tragedy to mourn.

My thoughts go out to those affected by the monster tornado in Moore.  I send my best thoughts and wishes to you all.

To donate to disaster relief, visit RedCross.org.

Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

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guy77money said...

A sad day for all involved. My prayers and thoughts go out to all the people affected. There was one bright note a 70 year old woman who was being interviewed and was worried about her missing dog, actually found the dog in the debris while the interview was going on. Pure joy in the midst of a disaster.