Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gregg's Robust Campaign Schedule Sparks Speculation

John Gregg
Former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg continues to work the political back roads of Indiana, and people are talking.

Last week, WISH-TV's Jim Shella wrote a short piece on his blog talking about how the mustachioed one is continuing to visit Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners across the state (Shella says 17) and has kept his Facebook page up and running as well.  He's clearly thinking about something.

Congress?  Maybe.  Gregg would be a great candidate in the 8th Congressional District.  He's incredibly popular in his own area, and he knows the home area very well.  With Larry Bucshon potentially under attack from forces within his own party, Gregg could sweep in and possibly either push the incumbent or the person that upsets him.  It would seem to make sense, but Gregg isn't really concentrating his efforts in the 8th.

Instead, Gregg has been seen across the state in parades and other events.  He appeared in a Memorial Day parade in New Castle.  He was over in Fayette County.  He was in Rising Sun.  He's been in Indy.  He's been all over the state hitting the 3rd District JJ in Northeast Indiana, too.  That tells me he's running for something statewide.

It could be Governor again, but it could also be U.S. Senate.  Dan Coats' U.S. Senate seat will be up in 2016.  Coats will be in his 70's when the election rolls around.  He seems to be in good health, and he certainly could run again.  Gregg would be a worthy adversary.  If Coats decides he doesn't want to run, then it's an open seat.

Does John Gregg really seem like a U.S. Senate kind of guy?  No.  To me, the Senate might be too stuffy for the small town lawyer and raconteur with a down home style.  John Gregg was born and raised in Sandborn, and that's where he still lives today.

I think Shella's implied conclusion is likely correct.  John Gregg's likely running for Governor again to try to make it a rematch between himself and Mike Pence.  It's always good to start early.  John ran a great race last time around coming extremely close to pulling a major upset after trailing big in the polls.  2016 would give him a second bite at the apple.


Anonymous said...

If he does run, let's hope he has a different media person. That homespun front porch was clever for one or two spots but it got old. I don't think it was helpful.

Anonymous said...

John Gregg will never be governor. He couldn't win when Donnelly and ritz won statewide and pence got less than 50. And his campaign was a train wreck. Oh, and hes a lobbyist. Cold hard truth.

Jon Easter said...

That may be true, but, with his "train wreck" of a campaign, he made it the closest Governor's race in 50 years. I don't know if he can win or not, but I don't blame him for trying again.

While John registered as a lobbyist, he never lobbied. Cold hard truth. Besides, being a lobbyist didn't hurt Dan Coats.