Saturday, May 11, 2013

Destructive Senate Bill 621 Now Law

With a stroke of a pen today, Governor Mike Pence violated his own principles of government with little overreach by higher forms of government.

Emperor Gregory I
Today, Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 621.  The Mayor of Indianapolis is now the second most powerful person in Indiana politics. 

In signing the bill, Pence showed he didn't understand what he signed by bringing up only the fiscal aspects of the bill.  He said nothing about forcing Marion County alone to do a central count of absentee ballots.  He said nothing about how the bill would eliminate the At-Large Councillors and seats on the Township Advisory Boards.  He said nothing about how the bill removed appointments to the MDC from the County Commissioners.  

I guess I shouldn't have had much confidence in the old show horse.

As they walked around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, went to the grocery store, celebrated Mother's Day Weekend, or whatever activity they are taking part in today, Marion County residents just lost representation without any major consultation.  It was a revolution by legislation.

Of course, those like Abdul-Hakim Shabazz were more than willing to gloat for their political victory today.  That's because they aren't capable of seeing anything but politics.  They don't care about how the politics will actually effect real folks. 

I'm proud of the stance I've taken on this bill, and I will continue to take the same stance.  I feel this bill was bad legislation for Marion County.  

City-County Council President Maggie Lewis released this statement:
On November 8, 2011 the people of Indianapolis voted for divided government – a Republican Mayor and a Democrat-majority City/County Council. The message from voters to the newly elected officials was clear – work together.

Today, SB 621 became law. SB 621 is a radical revision of UniGov and eliminates theCouncils at-large members. It also allows the Mayor to lead without bipartisan compromise and with no input from the community.

I am deeply disappointed in this decision but it is my goal to continue to do the work of the people and lead in a fashion that focuses on achieving results for the city of Indianapolis.
It's law now.  No sense in crying over spilled legislation.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday Cricket fields. Today this crap. And there is hardly one smooth road in the entire county.

Anonymous said...

If the mayor thinks he's going push Us around! he better think twice for the next 2 1/2 years. Remember the democrats still have control of the council.

We will stop the city if necessary

Joanne Sanders said...

Thank you for your continuing coverage, Jon. No thanks to the legislature, the governor or the mayor. Democracy means so little to this super majority. They are hell bent on getting what they want and need for the survival of their party. We may all be pleasantly surprised when in the end they destroy themselves.

Anonymous said...

You can thank John Layton and Pam Hickman for this mess