Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Clerk's Race in 2014 Could Be One To Watch

Beth White
When 2015 rolls around, Marion County will lose its Clerk. Beth White will be unable to run for reelection in 2014 as she will hit her term limit in the Indiana Constitution.

Most pundits expect White to take a shot at the Indiana Secretary of State’s job in 2014. She has so far been non-committal, at least in public, on her future plans, but it makes sense that the SOS job is something she would want and would be extremely good at.

That leaves a hole on the Democratic ticket. Two Democrats are reported to have interest in the job. One is White’s Director of Elections, Myla Eldridge. The other candidate is surprisingly rumored to be City-County Councillor Leroy Robinson.

The Clerk’s job is one that is pretty much an omnibus position. I always like to joke with Clerk White that it seems like all the other Marion County Officeholders must have gotten together many years ago to divvy up responsibilities and the Clerk must not have been there. The Clerk’s Office is responsible for all the filings and records of the Marion County Courts. The Clerk collects child support, issues marriage licenses, and can perform marriages. As if that wasn’t enough, the Clerk is in charge of the elections process, sits on the election board, and takes all the filings related to local candidates, campaign committees, PACs, and campaign finance. It’s not an easy job.

If rumors are true, and I’m hearing these rumors from multiple reliable sources, Robinson would be leaving his job on the Council to take the Clerk’s position if elected. Since Eldridge is already familiar with a big portion of the job of the Clerk, you’d figure her learning curve would be much less.

This would figure to be another tough slating battle. I could see a candidate detouring the slating process however and taking his or her case to the voters in the May Primary. I don’t know how to call this one, but it’s pretty interesting if two candidates are in the race.

As far as the other Marion County offices go, Prosecutor Terry Curry and Sheriff John Layton are both expected to run for reelection. Joe O’Connor, the Marion County Assessor, will likely give it another go. Auditor Billie Breaux and Recorder Julie Voorhies have reached term limits.  Breaux and Voorhies could switch to other countywide jobs, but Breaux is expected to retire.

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