Friday, May 31, 2013

Beth White Clearly Strongly Considering Statewide Run

Beth White, John Gregg, and
Henry County Sheriff Candidate
Stacey Guffey
(from Gregg for Governor Facebook Page)
While I was doing research for yesterday's blog post on John Gregg, I came across a couple of photos on Gregg's Facebook page that may hint something a little more strongly than we may have considered before.

In a few of the photos (like the one published here), Marion County Clerk Beth White is pictured making the rounds at parades and Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinners across the state.   In this particular picture, she's in Henry County participating in the Memorial Day Parade.

As we've previously reported, White cannot run for Marion County Clerk again, and she has reportedly been considering a run for the Secretary of State's Office.  I'd say that the pictures on Gregg's page show that she's more than just considering that office.  I won't insult your intelligence as you can do the math that I did.  It's becoming a really badly-kept secret.  I think Beth White is running for Secretary of State.

Smartly, White is clearly trying to raise her profile and be seen by Democrats and others.  It won't be a Primary Election race, however. Each party's Secretary of State candidate is selected at their respective party conventions sometime in the summer of 2014.

For the Democrats, the last time the SOS was on the ballot, there was a hotly-contested battle between two Central Indiana candidates.  Tom McKenna and Vop Osili battled it out all summer across the state.  Osili ended up winning the nomination by a surprisingly wide margin at the convention.  Of course, folks know pretty much what happened after that.  Does Charlie White ring a bell?

On the Republican side, Connie Lawson is expected to run for a term of her own.  Why not?  She's been an extremely under the radar Secretary of State which is a complete change from either of her two elected predecessors, Todd Rokita and Charlie White.

Beth White will provide an excellent and worthy opponent for Lawson should both be nominated or renominated at their respective party conventions.

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