Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ballard Represents Republican Best Chance at Keeping Mayor's Office

In his column which touted Joe Hogsett as a potential candidate for Indianapolis Mayor in last week’s Indianapolis Star, columnist Matt Tully hit many of the right notes about why Hogsett makes an attractive candidate to lead the city.

Tully also says, in the column, that Mayor Greg Ballard has no reason to run for a third term and should essentially move on. I don’t think that will happen.

While Ballard may not have incentive to run for a third term, he represents the best chance that Republicans have of holding on to the seat. Unless someone else of stature moves in (and I don’t know who that would be) Ballard can raise the most money of any candidate because he starts with the biggest bank account.

We know Hogsett can raise a lot of money. As I’ve said many times, Hogsett’s political rolodex is one that is deep and impressive. Hogsett can and likely would bring in some heavy hitters in national politics to campaign with him and to help him raise a lot of money.

The question will come to whether Ballard feels like putting his undefeated record on the line or not. Since the Marion County Republican Party didn’t back him so much in 2007, it’s questionable whether he would feel loyalty to the GOP in 2011. With his entire record on display, it might be tough for Ballard to walk away without defending it, and Ballard advisor Jen Hallowell hinted a few weeks back that hizzoner is all but sure to run again. I do think this becomes a Democratic seat in 2015 if Ballard decides to sit on the sidelines pending some amazing move-in candidate.

Hogsett is not the only Democrat that can win or that is rumored to be considering a run for Mayor. Ed Delaney said on the floor of the Statehouse that the seat is attractive. Maggie Lewis has been rumored to be at least thinking about it as has Vop Osili. Brian Mahern seemed to start out like fast moving forest fire, but he has since seemed to cool his jets.

2015 is two years off, and there is a lot of time to figure out what Hogsett, Ballard, and others will do. This might be a gross understatement, but I guarantee that this won’t be the last blog post here about this race.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

I'd rate it less than 50% chance Ballard runs for re-election. He has nothing to win. He beat the odds twice. The D's seem finally clued in on getting a stronger candidate and addressing some of the issues they previously left on the table. Ballard's cricket proposal and the FBI raid and criminal charges filed against his managers have hammered his reputation. Ballard is not a great candidate. He won in 2007 by luck and in 2011 he won by not having a strong opponent who was willing to take him on on the corporate welfare and misplaced priorities issues where Ballard was vulnerable.