Friday, April 5, 2013

Walker E-mails Republicans on Senate Bill 621

Artist's Rendition of What Mayor Ballard
Will Look Like if SB 621 Passes...
Marion County Republican Chair Kyle Walker put his e-mail list in to action last night after the Indiana House Republicans ran roughshod over Marion County voters and shot down all Democratic amendments in the 2nd reading of Senate Bill 621.

Here is his e-mail:
Dear Marion County Republican,
Just over a month ago, I wrote to you and asked for your support of the Marion County Government Reform bill known as SB621…and your support has made a difference!

This bill overwhelmingly passed the Senate, and today passed an important hurdle in the Indiana House of Representatives. 
Our Republican House members voted down several amendments proposed by Democrats that would have derailed this important reform legislation. One such amendment would have even required the Mayor to provide the City-County Council a note from his doctor if he didn’t attend one of their meetings. 
It’s just more politics as usual from the Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly. 
The reality is that these reforms will dramatically help Mayor Ballard keep our city fiscally sound. While Mayor Ballard has spent the last several years cutting spending, county offices like the Sheriff have dramatically increased spending. In fact, over the last three years, Sheriff Layton has overspent the budget given to him by the City-County Council by over $21,000,000. 
Mayor Ballard is leading the way on fiscal responsibility in Marion County. We need these reforms to ensure that the Sheriff and other county offices do the same. 
Thankfully, this bill will continue to move through the legislative process…but we can’t rest yet! 
Make your voice heard! Click here (link doesn't work here) to thank our Republican members of the Indiana General Assembly and show your support for this very important legislation! 
Thanks for being a part of the greatest Republican organization in Indiana. Together, we can make a difference! 
Kyle Walker

The link in Walker's e-mail opens up a prefabricated thank you e-mail you can send to all the supporters of SB621 in the House and Senate.  I tried to copy their e-mails here, but blogger doesn't like the links.

Nowhere in Walker's e-mail does it mention the strong bipartisan opposition this bill has seen at every level.  This is not a Republican vs. Democrats thing.  It's a citizens vs. government thing.  This is the kind of thing that Republicans used to rail against.  Now, they are on record, thanks to some very well-placed and well-written amendments as supporting everything they used to hate.

By the way, Sheriff John Layton is on the record saying something far different than Walker's numbers in the e-mail.  If you want to see what a big issue it's been, see what kinds of hits you get on a search on Sheriff John Layton.  Try "Sheriff Layton Budget" in Google, and you'll find there's not much there.

Again, it's a manufactured crisis by Walker.  It's a manufactured crisis that has brought upon this bill.  SB 621 is just bad policy.  Mayor Ballard wanted more power, and the General Assembly is likely going to give it to him.

Soon, we'll have a City-County government for the Mayor of Indianapolis and by the Mayor of Indianapolis.

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