Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SB621 Passes

Emperor Greg I
Greg Ballard got his bill.  Welcome to the Empire.

The Indiana House passed Senate Bill 621 just a few minutes ago.  The final tally was 57-41.  That means that several Republicans crossed over and voted in opposition to this horrid bill.

Representative David Frizzell said some pretty ludicrous things in defense of the bill.  His closing remarks inaccurately said that this bill would not remove power from the City-County Council.  What a joke.

Now, Mayor Greg Ballard gets his power as soon as this thing passes out of conference committee.  Mary Beth Schneider of the Indianapolis Star has already said that Mike Young wants to move the four at-large City-County Councillors back on the chopping block.  Who knows what other craziness may happen?

Mayor Ballard must be held accountable for his actions on this bill.  I urge everyone to call, write, and e-mail the Mayor in opposition to this measure he has not only advocated for, but he helped to write.  Also, I urge people to go to his Mayor's Night Out events and let him know how you feel.

Mayor Ballard is a good man, but he's dead wrong on this bill.  The fact that he did this without much input from his own constituents shows how much he trusts you on what his party calls "good policy."  If the policy was so good, he shouldn't have been afraid of what the voters had to say.

So, there you have it.  When all of this passes, do you believe he will invite us to his coronation?

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