Friday, April 12, 2013

Pence Future Cloudy After Start as Governor

Keeping Up Appearances
Matt Tully penned a column on Thursday in the Indianapolis Star which attacked Mike Pence for being too cautious and careful.  He said the Governor is likable, but he's too restrained.

I would call it something different.  Like him or not, Pence is an empty suit.

Career legislator Mike Pence doesn't know how to be an executive.  What's worse is that he doesn't know how state government works, and he seems content to be dominated by the legislature.

Pence has never had a strong agenda of his own.  He's never pushed an agenda of his own.  What is his agenda?  Do we even know what he wants?  Pence has not driven the conversation like Mitch Daniels did.    He was "0-fer" in his 12 years in Congress, and now he's having trouble getting a tax cut past a Republican supermajority.  

You get the feeling that a Pence Administration is much different than a Gregg Administration likely would have been.  You know that John Gregg would have come out carrying a big stick but behind the scenes would have been working the back aisles of the House and the Senate to get things done.  He would have been no shrinking violet.  Even if his agenda went down, it would not have gone down quietly.  Gregg is a fighter, and he knows how state government works.  That's not Mike Pence.

Tully points out that Indiana is in need of someone attuned to the needs of the Hoosier State right now.  I would add that the state is in need of a Governor that will keep the state legislature focused on the things that really matter as opposed to the types of things that are not important.

While Pence has been smiling and glad-handing, the General Assembly has been left to its own devices.  That's not good for Indiana.  It certainly wasn't good for Marion County (see Senate Bill 621).

If Pence wanted to use Indiana as a resume builder, he certainly had better find a way to improve.  His once bright future is looking more and more cloudy.  At this pace, he's not even a shoo-in for reelection in 2016.

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