Thursday, April 25, 2013

MCDP Releases Video Take on Ballard Trips

If the early going is any indication, Greg Ballard is going to see Joel Miller's Marion County Democratic Party challenge him at nearly every opportunity.

The party has released a second video in just a few weeks criticizing Ballard for his trips overseas on trade missions that so far have brought no jobs to the city.  The latest trip by Ballard, to India, has caused widespread ridicule aimed at the Mayor over his announcement of his never-before-expressed love for the game of cricket to the New Delhi Times.

Here is the video by the Marion County Democratic Party.

Well, that's the video.

It's not meant to be anything more than what it is.  We're not talking high fallutin' political humor or satire here.  It's just a song devoted to the Mayor's penchant for going overseas on "trade missions" and coming home with nothing to speak of except an announcement of a cricket stadium.

The Marion County Democratic Party isn't alone in noticing Ballard's trips abroad and their results.  Matt Tully lodged this scathing criticism of Ballard on Tuesday.

On the issue of the video, I give the MCDP credit for trying to create something that will generate discussion one way or another and focus attention on the man quickly becoming the "Absentee Mayor".


varangianguard said...

The lyrics are certaining entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Here's what's happening. We all knew in 2007 that Ballard was a a goof. However, much to his credit, he allowed the state and local Republican party apparatus to lift him up and give him support. They've done a pretty good job too.

But as happens in EVERY administration, the good people start to leave for greener pastures, leaving the Mayor to his own devises. That why you've seen SB 621, this ridiculous cricket idea, his foreign travel all start to pop up.