Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Former UK Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher died yesterday at the age of 87.  Love her or hate her, you could never ignore her.

Thatcher was a larger-than-life figure with a larger-than-life presence.  She was staunchly conservative and led the United Kingdom through 11 very tumultuous years as Prime Minister.

She retired from public life in 1992, but she remained an active voice in world affairs for the next decade or so before falling out of the public eye as her health declined.  In her final years, we would only see her sporadically but most notably when she determinedly traveled, despite the poor health she was in, to the United States for the funeral of her friend, Ronald Reagan.  Her eulogy, against the wishes of her doctors, was a beautiful tribute to her friend.

That was Thatcher.  She was strong, determined, and tough.  She had to be.  When a Russian journalist called her "the Iron Lady", her nickname stuck because it fit her so well.

Margaret Thatcher left a legacy hard to follow for future Prime Ministers and certainly goes down with others like Winston Churchill as among the greatest the UK had ever seen.  Thatcher also proved once and for all to any that may have had doubts that a woman not only had the temperament to lead a major world power but to do it by blazing a trail any man would be happy to have.

Here's to the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

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Bill said...

Thanks Jon. You and I probably have different opinions on the Iron Lady, but I appreciate you posting this.