Friday, April 26, 2013

Fourteen Republicans Cross Aisle, But SB621 Still Passes

Courageous Republicans crossed the aisle in droves, but it was not enough to save Indy's At-Large City-County Councillors as the Indiana House voted late last night to adopt the Conference Committee recommendations and remove the four seats by a final tally of 54-45.

14 Republicans joined 31 Democrats in an effort to overturn the bill that has been called a political play, a power grab, and bad policy by people in all three major Indiana political parties.

Buried deep in the bill is more sinister political power moves.  One provision puts Mayor Greg Ballard in charge of the Metropolitan Development Commission.  Another provision makes the Constitutional offices of Marion County Government beg the un-elected city controller for their budgets.  Still another mandates that there will be a central counting of all absentee ballots in Marion County only despite the fact that Marion County Clerk Beth White says it will cost more, force the county to buy more machines and hire more election workers, and delay results of critical races for days.

By the time you read this, the bill will probably already have passed the Indiana Senate and be on its way to Governor Mike Pence for his signature.

What really gets me is that David Frizzell, sent to defend the bill in Conference Committee, had very little in the way of specifics to back up the bill.  He consistently told the committee only his opinions.  At one point, he actually used the words "I suspect many in Marion County are in favor."  That's why House member after House member came to the podium on the floor and said, "I have not had any constituents tell me they support this bill."  Even one Republican said he had heard nothing either way on the bill.

Republicans told Marion County residents that their voice didn't matter either by shooting down suggestions that the bill should be put to a referendum.  Frizzell instead said that he believed the legislative process was better.  Easier to fix that way.

Well, something must have been wrong with Frizzell's case.  Republicans left him.  In the end, it wasn't enough.

The Democratic Caucus of Marion County fought hard and got in some good parting shots.  This one's over though.  The fight moves on to another day.  The bill is sure to pass the Senate, and it may have done so by the time you read this post.  Then it will go to Mike Pence for his signature, and the Governor hasn't said all that much on the bill just yet.  With only 54 in favor, would they be willing to override a possible veto?  It does only take a simple majority to do so.

Perhaps there's still a little more life to this debate yet.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I think there is an outside chance Gov. Pence will veto it. He hasn't said much on it, but what he's said so far wasn't support, it was to question the need for the bill. Vetoing it would actually be good politics. The only people he'd get upset is a few Republican insiders in Marion County. But it is an issue that would play with everyone else.

Again, a long shot. I don't think the legislature would override his veto by the way...even though it only takes a simple majority.

Anonymous said...

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Alexander Ostrovsky said...

I have never, in my life, seen a Clerk that chooses to politicize her office more than Beth White. Also, this woman is completely starved for media attention. She uses any excuse she can to make her position a political platform. Why? Beth, with all due respect, you are a Clerk. Please do not use your office for political gain. Leave politics out of it. Instead of concentrating on matters that are outside of your jurisdiction please focus on reforming your office. The waste that goes on in your office is staggering. If you are not intellectually satisfied with being a Clerk then go run for House/Senate. I never understood why a Georgetown educated lawyer would want to be a Clerk. Your recent involvement in state level political issues have answered my curiosity.

Most Sincerely,

Concerned Citizen