Thursday, April 4, 2013

Delaney for Mayor?

Rep. Ed Delaney
State Representative Ed Delaney said today during the debate on Senate Bill 621 that the bill is "a life-altering bill for me."

He said that people keep telling him he should run for Mayor of Indianapolis, and that it is something he honestly didn't think about doing.  Today, in public, he said he now is because the added power of the Mayor's Office that would be granted under Senate Bill 621 would make it a much more desirable position.

Delaney spoke out strongly against the power-grabbing bill saying that he thinks he is about the only Democrat to help Mayor Greg Ballard on some things in the state legislature carrying through some of his agenda items.  He also said that he likes the Mayor and often bicycles with him.  He paused and then said this, "I AM DONE with the Mayor on this bill."

Whether he was making a rhetorical point or not, we now add Delaney into the Mayoral Marathon for 2015.

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varangianguard said...

He is certainly a better possibility than some of the other names I have heard bruited about.
And, if this is an epiphany moment for him, maybe we will get the passion needed for a candidate to beat out the incumbent.