Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Ballard's proposal is likely to hear more of these
If a cricket stadium is in the works, and no one is told about it.......

Eh, I can't make that into a clever version of the old "If a tree falls" saying, but it appears Mayor Greg Ballard has managed to tick off his own caucus by not informing them of a major cricket stadium and international sports facility he's interested in building on the Eastside of Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

In Ballard's point of view, if he builds a cricket stadium, businesses from countries where cricket is played will flock to Indianapolis.  Maybe he's right, but don't we have bigger fish to fry?

An overhead view of the land, located at 1300 S. Post Road, shows a lot of area available and not too many neighbors in the immediate area to gripe and complain about it.  It looks as if this area will need significant upgrades in infrastructure to support the kinds of crowds Ballard says he wants to draw, and he's proposing spending money from the Rebuild Indy funds to make it a reality.

Ok...Ok...The Sport of Cricket
You might remember that money came from the transfer of the city's water and utility assets to Citizens Energy, and the Mayor told us that it would go to infrastructure in the form of sidewalks, streets, and the like.  As I recall, it said nothing about cricket stadiums.  Of course, I've slept since then.

I have no objection with something nice at 1300 S. Post Road.  I think it would be a step up for the community, and I guess a cricket stadium would be something to talk about.  Early reaction has been...well...less than kind.  From 1260 AM's Derek Schultz of Query & Schultz...

It was also a topic of discussion at last night's City-County Council meeting.  The Indy Star's Jon Murray reports...

Even Abdul told me at the end of our debate last night that the Mayor's wicked googly might be misplaced on this one.  That's a curveball in cricket terms.

I guess we'll see where this goes.  If Senate Bill 621 passes, Mayor Ballard will have more power to do what he wants from an economic development standpoint and budget control to do it.  This kind of proposal just SCREAMS that we need more power for the Mayor, right?

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