Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fundraisers Make Strange Bedfellows

Jose Evans is new to the Republican Party, and some of his views probably seem new for some of the more hard line GOP members on the far right.  That hasn't stopped some of them from trying to raise some cash for him.

Several Republican muckety mucks will hold a fundraiser for Evans on April 10 at Mo's.  The top dollar for the fundraiser is $200.  Ultra conservative Republican Senators Pat Miller and Brent Waltz and charter school champ, Representative Bob Behning are all listed as hosts on the event which also includes other local Republicans from the City-County Council (including the controversial Jefferson Shreve), other offices, and the county party.

The subject line of the e-mail (sent by the Marion County Republican Central Committee) states that it's an Evans for City-County Council fundraiser.  The flyer itself in the e-mail says it's a welcome to the Republican Party fundraiser.

I'd be interested to see if Evans will now return all the money Democrats gave him when they thought he was a Democrat.  That's really doubtful.  Last week, he did write a long, rambling letter to his constituents that essentially contradicted a lot of what he said to Amos Brown on the Afternoons with Amos program the day he converted to the GOP.

We'll see where this fundraising leads for the newly-minted member of the GOP.

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Wilson46201 said...

Amos Brown astutely observed the GOP hosts list included NO African-Americans. Nary a one! Couldn't they find at least ONE Black Republican to welcome Jose Evans into his new political party?