Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Curry Releases Report to Community

Marion County Prosecutor
Terry Curry
Terry Curry has released a report about what the Marion County Prosecutor's Office has been up to over the last year.  

You can read the report for yourself online by following this link.

The digest, however, shows an impressive record for Curry, his office, and his staff of deputy prosecutors.

  • The county’s first case on the sale of "spice" and other synthetic drugs was filed in October, charging smoke shop owner Christopher Tiplick with 18 felonies for allegedly selling synthetic drugs.
  • Metal theft was addressed in a new way by coupling the traditional charges of theft and burglary with racketeering and income tax charges, a first in Marion County for this type of criminal activity.
  • Three one-day landlord trainings were held to assist landlords in keeping their rental properties free from criminal activity.
  • Twenty-six burglary prevention forums were held to educate citizens with strategies to protect their property.
  • $106.3 million in child support was collected for Marion County families.
  • More than 300 cases for illegal gun possession were filed.
Beyond all of this, Curry has had several high profile cases to oversee including the Richmond Hills explosion and the continuing saga of officer David Bisard.  Curry, unlike his predecessor, is more comfortable working than he is chasing down microphones or hosting radio programs on WIBC.  

I think it's safe to say that he will have broad bipartisan support when he stands for reelection in 2014.  Curry will be my guest on Monday night at 9 p.m. on the JohnnyStir Show over on


Anonymous said...

I would ask that he address many matters re: Tif's, budgets, Nursing Home Operaters that own DCS call centers and the corruption of many.

Anonymous said...

Curry is gutless.He will not prosecute the tough cases,Richmond Hills,how is that not the death penalty? How is Bisard still walking around? Because his attorney is kicking Currys butt at every turn.Gangsters are running our city because Curry will not prosecute these kids and Curry tells us its ok..WOW.We elected a prosecutor,we got a spineless dweep. Bisard will walk because of Curry's incompetence..

Paul K. Ogden said...

Your positive review of Curry is very much misplaced especially if you are someone who cares about civil liberties. Curry has greatly expanded civil forfeiture. All over town people are having vehicles seized, cash taken by police based on mere allegations of criminal conduct. In many cases criminal charges are never pursued. Curry has yet to pay one cent to the Common School fund out of the millions of civil forfeiture proceeds he's seized even though the law mandates that he do so. He just ignores the law. So did Brizzi...but at least Brizzi limited civil forfeiture to mostly drug cases.

I won't even get into his dropping felony criminal charges in the Omnisource case in exchange for the prosecutor and law enforcement receiving a pile of cash via forfeiture. How much of that money went to the schools as required by law? I'm guessing Curry's typical amount - $0.

Then you have a plethora of bad decisions on screening and charging criminal cases. Granted Curry's office is no worse than Brizzi's office in that regard. But he has had an opportunity to improve the office in that area and hasn't.

I would advise talking to some criminal defense attorneys and asking them if the office is better run than under Brizzi. I think you'll find that most of their answers will be "no."

Anonymous said...

Although he has high marks for many cases, he has wasted valuable time and resources on the Bei Bei case. This suicidal lady never should have been charged.

Anonymous said...

Anon,,Really, she killed two people and destroyed hundreds of lives..are you kidding me.? It was a premeditated event,she meant to do what she and her friends did. She needs to die with the others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:42am, I think you have cases confused. Bei Bei did not kill two people nor impact others. She is the suicidal lady who ingested rat poison in a suicide attempt.

Jon Easter said...

When someone leaves a comment that calls someone "gutless", it's quite ironic that this person chooses to remain anonymous.