Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bucshon May Have Fight on Hands in 2014

Indiana's 8th District is about to get politically crazy again, and it's probably going to be Republican vs. Tea Party.
Congressman Larry Bucshon is likely going to get a primary challenge in 2014, according to the Indiana Democratic Party.  The Club for Growth is expected to field a challenger to attempt to ouster Bucshon.  Despite his conservative voting record, Bucshon is not conservative enough for CFG President, Chris Chocola.  It was Chocola who lost his seat in Congress to Joe Donnelly in 2006.  He just can't give up on politics.

Last year, Chocola's group threw down against Richard Lugar defeating the longtime Senator with Richard Mourdock in the Primary.  Mourdock went down in flames after controversial comments about pregnancies resulting from rape during the final U.S. Senate debate.

For his part, Mourdock has made it known that he's interested in pursuing public office again.  The Indiana Treasurer of State has been making the rounds appearing on WRTV's Indianapolis This Week on Sunday with Rafael Sanchez.  Mourdock seems clueless or still in denial about his loss in 2012.  He told Sanchez, essentially, that he was bewildered by the mixed messages sent by the voters who reelected Republicans in the U.S. House but Democrats in the Senate and the White House.  He said voters voted for gridlock.  

No Richard. Voters voted against you.  They went to the polls and voted for a moderate like Joe Donnelly in a state that went to Barack Obama's Republican opponent by 10 percentage points.  You lost because you didn't keep your mouth shut long enough to get in office.  It would have been a close race, but you sealed your own doom when you said what you said, and that may keep the CFG from using you again as a candidate against Bucshon or anyone else.

One way or another, it makes things interesting in the so called "Bloody 8th" as we head to 2014. 

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