Monday, February 25, 2013

Walker's Desperate E-Mail on SB621 Could Have Opposite Effect

Marion County GOP Puppet Chair Kyle Walker
How bad do the Republicans want Senate Bill 621 to pass the Indiana House?  More than you probably could even imagine.

This weekend, an e-mail from the Marion County Republican Central Committee landed in my inbox.  I've explained before that I don't exactly know how I got on the e-mail list, but I do get their propaganda from time to time. I find it somewhat interesting, and it gives me blog fodder.  Well the e-mail that arrived in my inbox this weekend would be funny if it were not so scary.

It's long-winded and scary, but the e-mail begs Republican insiders to take action to help get Senate Bill 621 through the House because those pesky Democrats are wanting to try to stop it.  Let's remember that the Republicans not only hold a majority in the Indiana House but a supermajority.  They have nothing to worry about if the Democrats pick off a few votes.

Here we go.  Sit back, relax, and get ready for some political spin, Oppan GOP Style.

Dear Marion County Republican,
Government Reform in Marion County took a giant step forward yesterday as the Indiana State Senate overwhelmingly passed Senate Bill 621. Senator R. Michael Young authored the bill and carried it through the process with the support of his fellow co-authors and Marion County Senators Waltz, Delph, Crider, Miller, and Schneider. 
The battle is now going to be in the Indiana House and we need you to make your voice heard in support of this legislation. 
Senate Bill 621 allows for greater oversight on county government spending and safeguards the City of Indianapolis from political games played by Democrats on the City-County Council, like their recent attempts to raid the Capital Improvement Board, hold-up Mayoral staffing appointments, and block economic development progress. 
It also eliminates the At-large positions on the City-County Council. It is not a stretch to say that these positions are largely anonymous as the vast majority of voters, even many who are active in the community, cannot name just one of the four At-large Councilors. In a city our size, accountability for local government resides clearly with the Mayor and District Councilors. At-large Councilors are unknown and unaccountable, therefore, these positions only dilute the voices of the District Councillors who represent us each day. Eliminating this wasteful layer of government makes sense. In fact, the Democrats spent much of the past three decades fighting for this very action and filed multiple lawsuits over the years for this very effort. We now have a real opportunity to do so - if the House takes action. Please make your voice heard. 
Finally, Senate Bill 621 also requires the Marion County Clerk to centrally count absentee ballots, eliminating absentee ballots from arriving after the polls are already closed; a problem that was widespread in the 2012 General Election. 
Now that the Senate has acted, the fate of Senate Bill 621 will be decided in the Indiana House of Representatives. As we've seen time and again, House Democrats are opposed to any type of government reform. You can count on them putting pressure on our Republican legislators every step of the way, and they will stop at nothing to try to kill this bill. 
We can't let that happen. Make your voice heard! 
Show your support for Marion County government reform today by taking two easy steps: 
1) Click Here to tell our Marion County Republican members of the Indiana House of Representatives that you stand with them and support their efforts to pass SB621
2) Click Here and thank our Marion County Republican Senators for passing Marion County government reform. 
Thanks for being a part of the greatest Republican organization in Indiana. Together, we can make a difference! 
Kyle Walker
Marion County Republican Party
That's the kind of spin Republicans are putting on this bill.

The spin that somehow having LESS City-County Council oversight and MORE power for the Mayor of Indianapolis is a GOOD THING!  That the At-Large City-County Councillors are ANONYMOUS and are not ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE.  That counting all the absentee ballots in one place is LOGISTICALLY a GOOD THING because of a MADE UP PROBLEM NO ONE HEARD ABOUT UNTIL THIS E-MAIL.  That the REPUBLICANS might actually JUMP SHIP on this one and side with the Democrats in enough numbers to make a difference.  That just because DEMOCRATS disagree they are OBSTRUCTIONISTS to government reform that clearly only REPUBLICANS have asked for in 2013.

Kyle Walker clearly bumped his little head before he wrote that one.  It just goes to prove that the Marion County Republican Party (Mayor Greg Ballard's Administration) is behind this move, and Senator Mike Young is the one that was their pack mule.

The funniest line is probably the last one. The "greatest Republican organization in the state of Indiana" holds one countywide office and feels like the only way they can get more power is to undercut the will of the voter.  That's rich.

Yep, that e-mail he sent could definitely motivate some people.  It's so completely full of political bull that it could rile up the Democrats and get some allies on the right.  Doubtful that it will be enough to stop the bill, but I think letting the bill take its course on this one would have been the way to handle it rather than overplaying a good hand.  In the end, it may not make a difference, but time will tell.

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