Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tragedy Strikes on Streets of Indianapolis

As most of you know, Indianapolis had its heart ripped out again this weekend as two young first responders were involved in a traffic accident on duty early Saturday morning.

Private Timothy McCormick perished at the Wishard Hospital on Saturday, and his colleague, Cody Medley, died early Sunday.  Timothy and Cody are gone.

McCormick was a native of New York City and, according to his Facebook page, recently graduated from IUPUI after a long run on the Dean's List.  McCormick also recorded this message on YouTube which I think gives a good glimpse at a man who seemingly had a very positive outlook on life and was dedicated to saving others.

A video like that can save a life far beyond the back of an ambulance.

Less details are out there about Medley.  He was apparently a Boise, Idaho native.  The Indianapolis Star reported that Medley and McCormick often shared ambulance duty and were friends.  A tribute video to both men is circling Facebook, and it shows a couple of eclectic men that were full of life and dedicated to their craft.

Saturday morning's accident reminds us again that even our EMT Supermen and Superwomen aren't invulnerable and how quickly life can change...even for first responders.  They are the people we call in the dead of night when we need help or aid.  They are the people we call when we fall down or can't breathe.  They are the ones we call when the pain is too great, and they do their best to fix us, make us better, and get us to a place where more help is available.

Today, as a community, we circle with them and put our arms around them.  As Mayor Ballard orders flags to half staff, it's important to remember that our friends in the first responder community need our good thoughts and prayers for strength even as they still work through the tears and anguish of losing two young colleagues.  For the first responder community, there's no time to stop.  There's always a call to answer.

For Cody and Timothy, they have answered their final call.  Rest in peace, heroes.

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