Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Statehouse Shocker: Ritz Supports Pence Plan Removing Board from Her Office

According to the Associated Press, Glenda Ritz says she’s ok with Mike Pence’s removal of the Indiana Education Employment Relations Board from the responsibilities of her office into the Office of the Governor.

The move appeared purely political to me, but I guess appearances can be deceiving as Ritz said she applauded the move by Governor Pence. She said that it will set up the board to operate as a “separate entity”.

Of course, I had been critical of the move that was made by Pence. I guess I should have waited to hear what Ritz thought. This is what happens when you jump to conclusions. As a blogger, sometimes I do it too quickly. Now, I just admit it, own it, and move on.

So, I own it.  Sorry Governor Pence and Superintendent Ritz.

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RhondaLeeBaby69 said...

It sure seemed like a political move to me (Republican super out, Democrat in -- let's remove some of the position's responsibility), but I don't really know what the board actually does (other than deal with the teacher's unions as the title seems to indicate).