Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is Something Rotten in Perry Township? Advance Indiana Says Maybe

Councillor Jefferson Shreve
I don't often read Gary Welsh's ramblings over on Advance Indiana very often these days, but I have to give him credit.  The volume of the material he cranks out and the quality of the investigating he's comfortable doing makes me look ridiculous sometimes.

Yesterday, Jefferson Shreve was elected by Republican precinct committeepersons to serve out the remaining time on Jeff Cardwell's Council seat.  That only tells part of the story.  For the rest, I will urge you to go to Gary Welsh's blog and read the rest.  I will also direct you to my friend Paul Ogden's blog for more of a follow-up.

The gist is that Welsh raises serious questions about Shreve's Marion County residency.  Shreve defeated a longtime Perry Township Republican, Michael Kalscheur.  Kalscheur is a Perry Township Advisory Board member and also ran for At-Large City-County Council in 2011.  According to Welsh, Shreve only recently started attending GOP functions in Perry Township and yet somehow gained the support of the Ballard Administration and Cardwell.  Did we mention he has deep pockets?

Oh the the reporting.  It's well done.


Paul K. Ogden said...

When you vote you affirm under oath that you are a resident at where you vote. If Shreve voted down there in Monroe County in the last two years, I'd say he has a big problem meeting the two year residency requirement for council. He might also be taking a homestead tax deduction down there which would be illegal if he didn't reside there.

Like Welsh or not, the fact is he does some detailed investigative reporting in many of his articles. I generally can't match the info he brings to the table.

Anonymous said...

Gary Welsh wants to be Brian Howey when he grows up.

Thats probably never going to happen.Gary is full of too much hate to be objective.

Jon Easter said...

Oh...I don't know Anonymous, the tidbits presented as facts are pretty compelling when you read the piece.